Our unique on-line Real Estate and Architectural Photography Course is an amazingly easy and convenient way to learn how to become a proficient real estate and architectural photographer. For additional information, please check out our FAQs below, or of course, you can always contact us if you still have unanswered questions.

  • Why do a Photography Space course?

    ■ Integrity: compiled by working professional real estate & architectural photographers. We are authoritative, consummate professionals in both shooting and teaching real estate & archotectural photography - NOT 'armchair' experts.

    ■ Experience: created by Andrew & Serena who have trained over 1500 students through their one and two day Real Estate & Architectural Photography courses running in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

    ■ Suitable for everyone: a clear path for the entry-level to advanced, allowing you to gain the specialist skills in order to become a capable even expert real estate & architectural photographer. Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a professional craft.

    ■ Study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace: there are no deadlines or due dates. Start today.

    ■ It's convenient and cost effective: you do not have to travel and can do the course from home and around your local neighbourhood.

    ■ Personal ongoing support & mentoring: we are your mentors, there to help make you better. You get one on one personalised attention - not a 'cut and paste' service.

    ■ Certificate of Completion: in Mastering Real Estate & Architectural Photography - yours upon graduation! Great for your self esteem and to prove you have completed and passed this professional course.

    ■ Camaraderie: from an online social media student forum. Access an online forum of students and graduates and share photos, advice and anything else that's on your mind.

    ■ Fun: our course is delivered and taught in a light hearted and easy going format, free of technical jargon with assignments delivered with a touch of humour in a non intimidating, relaxed manner.

  • What are the benefits of studying online?

    You get a qualification without having to take time off from work, go part-time or put your kids in child care.

    You don't need to live near a particular education institution that offers your preferred course – just choose this Australian created course with a worldwide audience.

    You can study from anywhere – in your backyard or bedroom, on a bus, train, plane or at your local café.

    You don't necessarily need to be sitting at a computer to study. You can read course materials, watch podcasts and comment on forums from your tablet device or smart phone.

    Rather than attending all classes at set times, you can study when it suits you. Online students can choose how they fit their study time around work, families and other things going on in their lives.

  • Who enrols on this course?

    People who want to become a professional real estate & architectural photographer; people who want to earn money as a freelance photographer; experienced photographers who want to learn new skills; amateur photographers who want to take better real estate & architecture photography photos. This is the perfect photography course for any person to learn for fun and profit - whether you are a real estate agent, architect, designer, traveller, want a full career or just a part time job.

  • Is the course easy to access?

    Absolutely. As all the course material is online, you will only need a computer or laptop and an internet connection. Once you have downloaded the 235 pages of course content (usually via Dropbox) it is yours to work through at your own speed. Just download the course & then submit 3 modules of 5 assignments each (or all 15 assignments in one go) to receive a 'Certificate of Completion' for the Mastering Real Estate & Architectural Photography course.

  • Do I get support doing the assignments?

    Yes! You have access through email or phone to one or both of your instructors. We help you develop successful study skills, discuss your course direction, provide technical assistance & constructively critique your assignments

  • Is the course in line with current legislation?

    Legislation is always being updated to match the latest regulations, Photography Space are proud to offer training material for all courses that is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Is the course accredited?

    We are professional photographers accredited with the AIPP, both currently working in the area of Real Estate & Architecture & teaching these courses around Australia.

  • Is there a test at the end of the assignments?

    All 15 of the assignments are critiqued by our two professional photographers. You can submit 5 assignments as one module ot all 15 assignments as 3 modules. A simple pass or fail grade will be given.

    If you have not met the standard for each module (5 assignments) you are able to resubmit another module for re-grading.

  • Certificate included in the course price?

    Yes, there is no additional charge for certificates which are available to all those students completing and submitting the 15 assignments. It is a great achievement to have accomplished your goal of completing the course assignments in order to become a much better real estate & architectural photographer. This certificate proves both your individual talent and the skills that you have developed throughout your qualification.

  • Is the course beneficial in building a portfolio?

    With one-to-one guidance from our experienced photography tutors, you will complete a range of creative assignments and briefs in order to develop an impressive portfolio.

  • Do I need a background in photography?

    This course is suitable for amateurs to serious semi pro photographers alike. The course is very comprehensive. Whilst it's advantageous to have some background photo knowledge, the course is very detailed with easy to understand, step by step procedures to teach you every facet of camera handling skills and compositional, lighting and a myriad of other techniques to become a competent real estate & architectural photographer.

  • Do I need computer skills?

    Only rudimentary computer skills are required. Initially to download the course notes and then a basic knowledge of operating your computer to access Facebook and Instagram for access into our Photography Space online worldwide real estate & architectural photography community.

  • Can I access the course on multiple platforms?

    Yes, the content is available through most computer systems including Vista, Windows 7 & 8 and all Macs. It is delivered as a pdf. Virtually any computer today can read pdfs.

  • What does the course cost?

    Our 235 page "magazine style" course can be downloaded in its entirety in one easy step for $699. Our two professional photographers have bought together their combined experience of over 50 years to bring you a superbly presented course filled with inspiring images, step by step instruction, 15 assignments, a comprehensive resource list plus lots more.

  • How does the Photography Space online club work?

    Real time feedback, liaison and networking from a worldwide community. Facebook friends around the world communicating and encouraging each other. Unlimited opportunities abound. You have exclusive access to hosting images, blogs, posts and sharing images.

  • Hotline for further FAQs

    Photography Space

    Andrew Thomasson

    e: andrew@photographyspace.com.au

    e: info@photographyspace.com.au

    m: (+61) 407 278 809

    Serena Pearce

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